At T&K Carpentry Services, we specialize in high-end design and manufacture of custom furniture.We strive for the very best in Design, Style and Quality. Our goal is to produce furniture which relates to our clients home and way of life.

Our sustainable and recycled furniture creations, made right here in Cape Town, are one of a kind, beautiful pieces made from ethically sourced and environmentally responsible materials. Raw materials such as recycled timbers are sourced from disused docks, old warehouses and forgotten places.

What was a 100 year old warehouse floor can be recycled and transformed into a beautiful dining table. What was a machinist’s old workbench is now an office work desk, and what was a old sorting table now a uniquely recycled retail counter.

T&K Carpentry Services also specialize in house renovations and the creation of beautiful homes, typically from old and ordinary houses,  transforming of houses from ordinary to spectacular, they’re strength being their vision and ability to see potential in old buildings and to creatively convert them to suit their clients’ needs. The possibilities are endless.